How to Donate

Several of our family and friends have asked how to donate to our Kenya school project. So we thought it would be helpful to document it here.

You can contribute in a few different ways:

  • Donate online using a credit card. Simply visit our Razoo fundraising page and look for the “Make a Donation” box (upper right). Enter the amount and press “Donate” and then you’ll be prompted for payment details. Razoo will automatically send you a tax-deductible donation receipt for your records.

  • Mail a check to our home. If you don’t have our mailing address, you can contact us here and we’ll send it to you. Please make checks payable to “Koins for Kenya”. We can get you a tax-deductible receipt from Koins upon request.
  • Purchase some African Jewelry. Michelle and Michael will be selling some authentic African jewelry (necklaces and ear rings) over the next few months to raise more money for their projects. Let us know if you’re interested in buying some and they can deliver/mail it to you. Buy a few for your kids and make them part of this!
  • Contribute time and spread the word! As we get closer, we may have some projects that require volunteer help. If you’re interested, let us know and we’ll give you a call when the time comes. Finally, please help us by spreading the word about the school and encourage your friends to make a donation if they can.

Thank you – we appreciate your generosity and support!


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