Travel with us to Kenya…

We’ve been back now for almost 2 months, but the memories and experiences we lived there will remain with us for the rest of our lives. As soon as we landed in Salt Lake CIty we hit the ground running, in true american style, trying to catch up with our hectic lives. So much so, that this is the first time I’ve taken to write a post. There will be more coming. The story of our journey to Kenya is far from over. These will be the best “chapters in the book”, where we can look back and share with you how it changed us; one story at a time.

But for now, we wanted to share a video we made for our wonderful neighbors in Hidden Springs, where so many were involved in making the school in Bofu a reality.

So, for the next 15 minutes, travel with us to Kenya. Feel the energy, happiness and gratitude these amazing people have.


2 thoughts on “Travel with us to Kenya…

  1. Que maravillosa experiencia!!!!gracias por el video y compartirlo con nosotros. Yo muy emocionada y Juampi muy entusiasmado bailando con la musica. Le encanto!!!!!hermosos momentos que quedaran por siempre en sus corazones.Eso es lo que nos llevamos de esta vida!!!!!los queremos mucho!!!!!!juan, juampi y silvina

  2. Monica, I just watched the beautiful video. I am so impressed with the amazing job you & Aaron have done. The joy is apparent not only on the faces of all of the beautiful children in Kenya, but also on the faces of your children who are learning the joy of service. What a wonderful thing you have done!

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