Living My Dream

Last October, I had a very strong prompting that I needed to build a school in a third world country. I value education and feel so blessed for the education I have received. I wanted to be able to unlock the world of learning for others who are less fortunate than me. I shared my dream with my hubby, Curt. Then in November, I attended a presentation that touched my heart and I felt “the call”. In December of 2011, I joined with Koins for Kenya and held 3 events at my home to raise money for a school in Africa. We did a short presentation, shared with our friends, neighbors and community about our dream and was able to raise $9,000 for a school in Bofu Africa! This was a community effort to raise this kind of money in such a short amount of time!  We were not alone in our desire.  Our friends and neighbors, the Skonnards joined us in our mission and continued to raise money for the school until it reached $17,000!  We decided to name our school the “Hidden Springs” school in Bofu.  We will be traveling to Bofu to complete the school.  We will teach several lesson plans; we will paint the school and a mural on the wall. The village has planned a ceremony and cultural event to honor our family and the Skonnards. Our entire family wanted to come, but it will be Curt, myself and our 17 year old for this trip.  It has been such a beautiful thing to see it all unfold. Another testimonial that when you have a dream, you can make it happen. The hardest check I have ever written was to pay for mine and Curt’s way to go….(I could be going on my dream trip to ITALY!) but since that moment, our lives have been greatly blessed ….more than ever before. “When you are in the service of your fellow beings, you are only in the Service of your God.” I feel greatly blessed for this opportunity in my life Journey!


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About carolannguest

I am the mother of 6 children. I live in Utah and I love my life. I am living the life of my dreams. I am an independent distributor for NuCERITY International, I love what I do because I help people change their lives everyday.

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