Kimberly Wagner is Awesome!!

I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was busy all evening hosting Gisela’s birthday party and didn’t   notice what Kimberly had left on my kitchen counter after picking up her daughter Claire.

Apparently she’s been busy buying/collecting books for our school in Bofu! She brought 21 AMAZING books with african themes. They will be a great addition to the school and I’m sure the teacher will be very excited to have them.

I’m humbled by all the support and enthusiasm we’ve had from friends and neighbors. I’m blessed to live by such wonderful people. The school truly representes this whole community and is a testament that together we can do great things!


1 thought on “Kimberly Wagner is Awesome!!

  1. Agree!! Kimberly is a fabulous person with a huge heart, she has done so much for our friends in Mnyenzeni. I read every one of those books – loved them all! Thanks Kimberly!
    Love, your biggest fan!

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