Art Project for the Hidden Springs school in Kenya

The school in Bofu, Kenya is under construction. Schools are often turned over to the villages with just a coat of fresh paint. That is, off course, great, considering they didn’t even have a school before! But as I thought of ways to give it some warmth and color, I came up with an idea. We asked the children in the Hidden Springs community to participate in an art project to decorate the walls of the classrooms. We want the Hidden Springs School to be a happy and bright place to welcome the wonderful students that will attend every day. We also want them to feel our love and support. The project was very simple, since it has to fit in my suitcase ☺

My friend Tara wanted to help and provided white cardstock and markers for the children to draw with. They added their names on the front. We will glue the finished artwork on color cardstock as a border and laminate them. They will hang on the walls of the classroom for the Kenyan kids to enjoy!

When I’m in Kenya I will have the children from the school draw pictures back for the children who participated! I’m so excited to see the finished product. I think it will look amazing and add a personal touch from our neighborhood.

Here are some pictures from our children hard at work. The last picture was taken on Sunday and it has the majority of the kids from our neighborhood. They are amazing!


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