Progress with the Youth Expedition

For the past few months things have been continuing to move along with our youth group expedition. You may remember a post about our garage sale that we had about a month ago. It was very successful, and we raised around $1400 which will help pay for our latrine. We are hoping to raise enough money to provide a goat for them as well. When asked, many kids in Africa say that they have never had milk before. It would be great to give them as much as we can to improve their lives.

Me and my friend Aubrianne sold african jewelry at our high school in hope of raising money. We sat at a table with the jewelry for a whole week at lunch every day and raised a grand total of $75! It wasn’t as much as we had hoped to raise, but money is money. Fundraising can be hard, but you just have to keep trying!

Our trip is coming up faster than we think, and there is still much to do! Groups of us are each responsible for teaching at a school while we are there. The lessons go from colors and bodies, to magnets and solar systems. We will most likely just teach them vocabulary associated with each topic because it will be hard for them to understand what we are saying. I am excited to teach kids who are eager, and want to learn. Along with this we will be doing a cultural celebration which will allow us to show our talents. I’m not sure exactly what I will be sharing, but I will either dance or play my ukulele!

When we are in Kenya, we will be developing new talents as well. We will learn how to cook like the Kenyans, and eat what they eat, which is mostly corn. Our youth group will not be staying at the Koins for Kenya center; we will be sleeping in hammocks! I’ve never slept in a hammock before, but I will definitely be used to it after two weeks! There are many exciting things to look forward to, and as I mentioned earlier, lots to do in order to be ready. Only 2 1/2 weeks left until I leave for what will probably be one of the best experiences of my life. I can’t wait and am counting down the days.

Let the packing begin! 😉


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