First meeting for the adult expedition

We had a great meeting last week at the Tingey’s home. It was nice getting to know the 15 people who will be going to Kenya with us.

We got a handout about 10 pages long with plenty of instructions to prepare us in every way for our trip.

Here are a few interesting details:

  • Our living quarters are considered a “5 star hotel” in kenyan standards. They include 2 bedrooms, one for the guys and one for the girls. We will be sleeping in bunk beds with a mosquito netting to keep critters away. We will have 2 toilets and an outdoor shower enclosure. There is a common area in between the bedrooms where we’ll eat, get instructions, chat, etc.
  • The girls will wear a kanga (cloth wrapped around like a skirt) to show respect for the women and to blend in better.
  • We will have Kenyan cooks hired by Koins for Kenya to make our meals, but it won’t be anything we are used to. They will often cook kenyan meals like rice, ugali (corn mush), scones, cabbage, fruit. We will have to incorporate a lot of protein (very scarse there). Drinking water other than bottled water is prohibited (if you don’t want to get very very sick). They don’t even want us to wade in their water holes. Amazing to think that’s the water they use and drink!
  • We will be “shadowing” a kenyan woman (each) for a day and see what it’s like in their world. I’m very much looking forward to that!
  • For projects we’ll finish and inaugurate the Hidden Springs school the first week and the second week do the same for another school opening up. We will also have the opportunity to teach at several schools in the area and do craft projects with the children. That will be so fun!! We will have the opportunity to help at the local clinic and assist in other small projects such as water cisterns, gardens, etc.
  • We will be going on a SAFARI!! Can’t go all the way to Kenya and not do that! I can’t wait!!
  • Our first day will be spent in Mombasa. We will be able to go to the beach there, but they warned us to firmly say “NO!!” to vendors on the beach. We will have a chance to get plenty of souvenirs from the village (especially carved wooden objects) and help support their industry.
  • Communication with the outside world: Don’t count on it… They encouraged us to treat this trip as an “electronic detox”. Im OK with that! Aaron on the other hand, not so sure. But he seems to think he can find a way around that and still have internet. We’ll see!

Well, that’s just a few of the things we discussed and are preparing for. Being well informed and knowing what to expect will hopefully take the worries and stress away so we can fully enjoy this wonderful experience.


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