My First Swahili Lesson

Hello everyone! This is Michael again. Thank you so much if you have donated so far. I’ve really appreciated it. I’m already over half way to my goal with my desk project. If anybody would still like to donate, it would be a huge help for me and the Kenyan kids.

In Kenya (and the other areas shown on the map in yellow) they speak Swahili.

I want to share with you a few Swahili words that I learned in a previous youth leadership meeting:

  • Jambo – Hello
  • Kwaheri – Goodbye
  • Naitwa – My name is…
  • Unaitwa nani – Whats your name?
  • Asante – Thank you

Those are some simple words you might hear a Kenyan speak on an ordinary day. That might get me through my first five minutes in the country. Now I just need to learn how to say “where’s the bathroom?”. 🙂


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