Kenya Youth Leadership Expedition 2012

Hi! My name is Michelle Skonnard, and I am the daughter of Aaron and Monica Skonnard. I am 16 years old and currently attending Davis High School. I will be going to Kenya this summer with a youth leadership group from Koins for Kenya.

Our group has been meeting to discuss what we can do to change the lives of the people in Kenya this summer, and have great plans ahead of us. We will be living in the village, shadowing the people, and building our own huts to live in for two weeks. I know that this will be hard at times, but I am ready, and grateful to have this opportunity. I know that I will learn a lot, and truly realize how much I take for granted.

Our youth group is fundraising to build a latrine that will assist the school my parents are helping to build. We feel like this is much needed, and here is why. The girls going to schools without bathrooms in Kenya miss 25% of the school year once they begin their menstrual cycles because teachers won’t let them come to school when it happens. This usually means that they fail to pass the final exam each year, and don’t move up in the education program.

Girls aren’t treated as equally as men, so our latrine could help them to become more educated and equal. We are trying to provide the girls with a chance to make a difference in their community, and throughout Kenya. I’m ready to see what life is like outside my bubble, and ready to learn how to have a hard work ethic and a positive attitude. I can’t wait to serve the people in Kenya!

If you’d like to learn more about the Youth Leadership Expedition program, you can download this PDF from Koins for Kenya.


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