What I hope my kids learn from their service in Kenya

Our Kenya trip is quickly approaching and I’ve started feeling a sense of excitement and anticipation. In only 3 months we’ll be on our way to a place I never dreamed I’d see. I feel extremely blessed to experience Africa first hand.  Even more, I feel fortunate that Michelle (16) and Michael (14) get to come with us, knowing they’ll learn so many important things about life and the world around them.

We live in a land of prosperity, opportunity, and security. At least in our small community in Fruit Heights my children feel safe. They are working towards their education and people encourage them to excel. They are developing their talents; learning discipline and responsibility along the way. They enjoy healthy and plentiful meals. They have an abundance of material possessions, from clothing to electronics. They have a comfortable home with all the modern conveniences. And yet, this is all they know and have experienced.  This is their world. But it’s not the entire world.

Off course they know life outside their “bubble” isn’t always so rosy. We see it on TV, we read about it and we don’t have to look very far to notice people in need. As a mother, I’ve been feeling a sense of urgency to provide my children with more opportunities to give and serve those less fortunate; to think outside themselves.

I feel this humanitarian project will open their eyes to a world in need. More importantly, it will open their hearts to feel the joy of helping others. I hope they will become more compassionate and giving. I hope they learn to not take their blessings for granted. I hope they realize that material things don’t ultimately bring happiness. I hope they gain a greater appreciation for education and the change it can create. I hope they will learn to love the people in Kenya they get to serve, and ultimately realize they’re not that different after all.

Yes, this is a “once in a lifetime” experience, but I hope it won’t be the only one. I have a feeling it’s is just the beginning…


4 thoughts on “What I hope my kids learn from their service in Kenya

  1. Best wishes on your trip and experience. I lived in Tanzania for 3 years as a kid – and we did visit Kenya. Although things have changed since then, I’m sure it’ll still be one of those impressions that lastsr 🙂

    My deepest respect regarding the humanitarian project.

  2. What can one say about a beautiful piece of prose? You have made the most of YOUR education and opportunities. Your English is beautiful, thoughtful, and heartfelt. I vote for you as “bloggere de la centurie”! Bravo!! and on with your plans for Kenya; it couldn’t have happened to nicer people. Love you all, Mom and Dad Skonnard

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