Morgan Elementary is Krazy for Kenya

Nathan (10) and Gisela (6) are both students at Morgan Elementary. Last Friday they came home very excited about a fundraiser the school would be involved in the following week. I took a look at the flier and realized it was Koins for Kenya, organized by the Tingey and Matthews families. They will be going to Kenya this summer too and this fundraising is going towards building a well for the village.

All week my kids have been coming home excited to tell us about something new they learned about Kenya. On Monday they tried Ugali (African cornmeal mush) which they did not like. Another day they walked carrying a water bucket in their head.

This has been a great teaching opportunity for my 3 younger kids, who won’t be going Kenya with us. They have felt the joy of giving to those less fortunate and have also gained a better appreciation for their blessings.

I’m glad this whole experience is opening their eyes to the world outside Fruit Heights, Utah, a world full of wonderful cultures and peoples. I’m also very grateful to the school for valuing and providing such opportunities for my children; to look outside themselves and make a difference in the world, however small it might seem.

Nathan wearing a purple tie for “mismatched clothes day”

Gisela wearing a kenyan scarf and necklace

“Koins” for Kenya literally happening!


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